Spraying system with pump MKT-00EP01.V1

Product description

Sprayer for agricultural field labors, this is ready to fumigate, spray, fertilize, etc.

Compact and modern design:
This complete design it’s formed by a cylinder,
a metallic part for unloading, a metallic part for suction,
to prevent leaking and increment durability.

Tech specs

Sprinkling Irrigation
Rotary velocity: [kgf/cm2] 800-1200 1400
Pressure:  [kgf/cm2] 15-35 10
Suction flow: [L/min] 14.5-22 26
Potency: [HP] 2-3 1.5-2.0
Weight: [Kg] 39.2


For working and spraying the field
manufactured with the highest quality product

Easy to operate

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