Moto tractor MKT-M113000C.V1

Model: MKT-M113000C.V1

Model: Cameo, CP 110
Description: Diesel motor, one cylinder, four steps, horizontal piston arrangement
Combustion chamber (mm): 92×90
Displacement (cc): 598
Compression ratio: 21:01
Combustion type: Chamber swirl
Potency Kw (hp): 7.35(10)
Max Potency Kw (hp): 8.09(11)
Test revolutions (rev/min): 2400
Max fuel consumption in test g/kwh (g/hph):    ≤286 (210)
Maximum torque (N.m): 34.5 (3.0)
Max torque revolutions. (rev/min) ≦1900
Injection system: Pressurized combined with atomization
Oil motor: (SAE#40, 15W40 Multi-grade
Oil capacity (ℓ): 2.3
Fuel: Light diesel (SAE No. 2-D) or Commercial diesel (Without water)
Fuel capacity (ℓ): 10
Cooling system: Radiator, with fan, coolant (antifreeze)
Antifreeze tank capacity (ℓ): 2.1
Switch method: Crank starter
Headlight capacity: 12V 45W/45W
Net Weight(kg): 110/115

Length (cm): 214.7
Width(cm): 84.9
Height (cm): 114.6
Net weight [kg]: 265
Weight with ballast on the wheels [kg]: 287
Clearance (cm): 18.2
Distance between centers
of wheels (cm): 64/80


TRANSMISSION: Weifang: Mekatech type C
Model: Mechanical, bands, gears
Transmission:  Multi friction disk / dry
Clutch: No
Security guard in bands: 6 (3 , 3 )
Forward gears / speeds: 2 (1 ,1 )
Reverse gears: 2 (1 , 1 )
Brake: Transmission lock, by expansion ring, lever drive
Traction: Mono axis
Drag capacity
in kg: 1000
Bands (mm): Type B de 1830 mm (B 7 in x 2)
Accessories hook: 3 types (Junction in transmission case /
To the drawbar / By bands)
Oil capacity[(ℓ)]: 6 / SAE 80W90
Tires: Agriculture type 6.00-12 (28 lb)
Tire pressure [kg/cm2]: (PSI) 1.4 a 2.0 (14 a 28)
Items Weight / Net Weight (kg): 155

I: 1.9
II: 2.9
III: 4.33
IV: 7.78
V: 11.96
VI: 17.87
Reverse I: 1.49
Reverse II: 6.16

Alternator: A current output
Phases: Simple, 1 cable
Charge: 3 spotlights 6-9V, 15W
Battery voltage: (V)/
Boot Capacity: No 12/650
Switch: No
Power converter: C.A. a C.D.

Due to our continuous improving quality policy, the specs in the equipment can vary without any further notice, the picture of the product is merely illustrational and could contain accessories that are not present in the basic package.

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