Mechanic precision seeder and conservation tillage MKT-SPTML-1

Product description

A farming accessory that brings us the perfect solution into seeding labors, it’s versatility and multiple distances for calibration in planting helps us obtain the perfect soil, it’s equipment let us do conservation tillage and traditional tillage.

Tech specs

Seed injection:  by scratching the disc
Seed dispenser: scantling disk
Disk disposition: Vertical
Transition movement: Roller/chain wheel
Fertilizing dispenser: Adjustable
Tillage distance/range: By transmission/ 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 cm

File No. 
Due to our continuous improving quality policy, the specs in the equipment can vary without any further notice, the picture of the product is merely illustrational and could contain accessories that are not present in the basic package.

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