Blades harrow(Tyller) MKT-RCT-22

Product description

An agricultural accessory with disintegration application
of lumps on aggressive soils, provide uniformity to
soil to obtain an uncomplicated planting by
stubble, weed integration to the ground.

Tech specs

Hooking type: “C” MKT
Position: Rear in the gearbox
Operation speed: 0 – 8 Km/h
Operation revolutions: 450 – 850 rpm
Number of blades: 22 (11 left, 11 right)
Width of work: 110 mm

Due to our continuous improving quality policy, the specs in the equipment can vary without any further notice, the picture of the product is merely illustrational and could contain accessories that are not present in the basic package.

File No. 094

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