Agromotor rotavator MKT-11195N

Series 2000


Agromotor rotavator with a diesel-powered motor
cooled with liquid and a turbine, ideal for the motion
of accessories hooked into the coupling,
it can move harrows, plows, and wagons.

Potency: 12hp
Fuel: Diesel
Start: Manual
Gear number: 6 to front 2 back
Max Velocity: 18km/h
Clutch: Constant coupling, friction disc
Weight: 325kg
Dimensions: 2170 x 960 x 1155 mm
Width between tires: 78cm
Cooling: Radiator
Hooking: C type

Last modified 12/02/2017 2.1
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Due to our continuous improving quality policy, the specs in the equipment can vary without any further notice, the picture of the product is merely illustrational and could contain accessories that are not present in the basic package.



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